Gender Disparity Data Radio Reports For The Uk & Ireland Reach Over 60 Million!

It has been quite an interesting few months since I published the Gender Disparity Data Report on Irish Radio on June 24th.

We have now well over 60 million audience reach achieved across the reports combined. The music scene responded, the radio dj’s, programmers and ceo’s have begun having the conversations internally and we have seen a considerable shift in women on playlists across Radio. Change is HAPPENING!

You can view the Irish report here.

You can view the UK report here.

Everything that’s worth fighting for in life requires lots of hard work, and there is still more to come. More countries, more territories, more deeper insights at the data and more reports. If you’d like to come involved join the revolution in Ireland here and in the UK here.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and supported in their own way, from journalists, do’s, musicians, band members, singers, managers and more.

You are all a part of the solution towards positive change, gender diversity and racial diversity and equality within the music industry.

We will have many more obstacles to overcome but for now let’s recap below on some amazing exposure on the reports.

GUARDIAN + PRINT EDITION (ran the exclusive) Special thanks to Becky Hill for being awesome.

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