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If you google Irish Music Publicist, it’s no wonder Linda‘s name is number 1 on the list. She is a groundbreaking activist, a thought leader, a culture changer and one of the most well-known music industry publicists and consultants there is.

Get advise from Ireland’s leading Music Consultant.

Hi there, Thanks for dropping by.

It is my pleasure to assist bands, acts and labels in developing their careers and getting their music onto platforms of change and transition within the music industry. I have worked in this industry for over 15 years and my clients have ranged from Groove ArmadaThe Counting CrowsRon SexsmithEleanor McEvoySean & Conor PriceUnderworld, The Prodigy, Peter Bjorn & John, Robyn & RöyksoppAmanda PalmerJoss StoneLucy SpragganThe Riptide MovementThe Saw DoctorsThe 4 of US, Aslan, Frances Black, Aoife Scott and many many more Irish and International Acts.

If you are interested in what I do as a music business consultant, come take a read of what my policies are for consulting with you. Here are some facts about my consulting service, please read over them before you contact me to set up a time and day for our first consultation. 

I look forward to hopefully working with you to reach your music career goals!

  • First things first: My consultation service is an advisory service only. I help you – as an artist/band/label/agency – plan out your career and/or music marketing and promotion plans. Unlike a manager, I do not take on a project or do the required work for you, and I DO NOT SHOP DEMOS to labels, bookers, management etc! This is purely a consultation. (Completely separate to my role as a Publicist and Sync agent in Good Seed PR).  
  • But hey, here is what I am during your consultation: I am your personal music business coach, and I will teach you how record labels and music publicists promote, market, and sell their music, and what you need to do to develop your music career or independent record label. In our consultations I will also educate you on how to work with the various gatekeepers and decision makers that you will encounter as you promote your music to on and offline distributors/stores, broadcasters, the press, advertising agencies, sync agents, live performance bookers, and through the popular social networking sites on the internet that are constantly evolving!
  • I am selective on who I work with. I am only interested in working with artists, bands, labels and agencies who are truly dedicated and committed to the business and can afford to spend some of their money on educating themselves through my consultations about the realities of the current music marketplace. Hold tight though, because I am very upfront and honest. You won’t get any sugar coatings, but you will get a realistic overview. I am here to help you not pollute your mind with nonsense. 
  • If you wish to discuss setting up an appointment, PLEASE EMAIL ME at with the headline “Book a Consultation”. I work on an hourly fee basis for Independent Artists. (I do consultations by phone or on skype/zoom). Please feel free to email me to discuss more.
  • When you make an appointment with me you must pay for the 1st hour in advance. (I process all transactions through bank transfer.) 
  • Cancellations: If you do not show up, or call at your scheduled appointment time, you will forfeit your first hour deposit, unless you contact me within 24 hours of your appointment. If you are late, without a reasonable excuse, you will forfeit the late minutes from your first hour of consultation. 
  • Rescheduling: You will not lose your deposit of €100 if you need to reschedule and have contacted me to rearrange your appointment within 24 hours of your originally scheduled appointment 
  • Reasons for this policy: Over the years more and more ‘potential’ clients have missed their appointments and not notified me that they decided to cancel. As a businesswoman this obviously affects my income, and as far as professionalism goes, gives you a bad reputation when what you are trying to gain a positive reputation. 
  • Always remember that in this crazy, and very competitive music industry there are thousands of artists and bands trying to just get their music listened to, let alone become a star. It takes a lot of work on your part to get noticed. So, being a professional artist who is polite, open-minded, as well as courteous, punctual, and reliable can take you a long way to your dreams of success. I will do my part to set you on the right path, and all I ask from you is the same professionalism in return.  

I look forward to the possibility of working with you! 

Linda Coogan Byrne 

“Linda is spot on… She’s helpful, professional and on the ball… as she’s so good… We have seen a dramatic increase of PR for our clients… who love her…” 

– Anette Collins, Former Head of International,  Cooking Vinyl Records

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