Gender Disparity Data Radio Reports For The Uk & Ireland Reach Over 60 Million!

It has been quite an interesting few months since I published the Gender Disparity Data Report on Irish Radio on June 24th. We have now well over 60 million audience reach achieved across the reports combined. The music scene responded, the radio dj’s, programmers and ceo’s have begun having the conversations internally and we haveContinue reading “Gender Disparity Data Radio Reports For The Uk & Ireland Reach Over 60 Million!”


LINKS TO REPORT HERE: Link to download full report is here: Link to play a slideshow presentation of the report is here (recommended): HOW THE REPORT CAME ABOUT, THE STORY OF A TIRED IRISH WOMAN, IS BELOW. Dear music lovers of Ireland, playlisters on radio, the board of the BAI, those in powerContinue reading “GENDER DISPARITY DATA REPORT on Irish Radio”

“Shifting Mood – energy self portrait”

This is my second self portrait. Title: “Shifting Mood – energy self portrait” Oil on canvas. 👉🏻 the piece explained : Sometimes we hide away who we want to be and who we really are. Authenticity and happiness in this life is sometimes achieved when we make huge sacrifices. Some are brave enough to andContinue reading ““Shifting Mood – energy self portrait””

Moving through time

“Moving through time” oil on wooden panel. Utterly lost in the beautiful work of William Turner today. He wasn’t a people’s artist. He was known as cantankerous and often obsolete of real human connection but he connected to the land and nature. And held full adherence to the truthful capturing of the colours within nature.Continue reading “Moving through time”