The below pieces are about sitting, walking, running and simply connecting with the present moment whilst experiencing the landscape around us, and feeling along with absorbing its energies.

Heavily influenced by Kazimir Malevich I wanted to tap further into his notions that “A painted surface is a real, living form.” and “Man, as a form, bears within him the eternal principle of being, and by economic movement along his endless path his form is also transformed, just as everything that lives in nature was transformed in him.”

Suprematism and abstract expressionism are two forms I am really connecting with the last year or so.


This piece is titled “View from Loughcrew” Oil on Canvas (48 x36 inches). (Price €1200)


This piece is titled “Sheep on a hill” Oil on Canvas (20×16 inches). (Price €350)


This piece is titled “Tide moving out” Oil on Canvas (20×16 inches) (Price €350)


This piece is titled “Clouds that block the sun… where have they gone to?” – Oil on canvas. (Sold privately).

During the manifestation and preparation for this show, my paternal Grandfather and maternal Grandmother passed away. They did not go quietly, battling through illness and disease. It was a very poignant part of my life experiencing such harrowing pain on having to watch two paramount figures pass on. A certain calmness comes with grief, in waves or clouds that sometimes hang over us. This exhibition would not have happened where it not for these two people encouraging me to follow art. The sun shining through in two parts is of no coincidence in this painting.

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