Linda Coogan Byrne is a contemporary multidisciplinary artist, living and working in Co Meath, Ireland. She has structured her practice of artistic expression in themes throughout her life. She has trained in Stained Glass design, Bronze Sculpture and carried out an apprenticeship as a Luthier in the construction of Renaissance stringed instruments such as Harps, Guitars, Lutes and Violins to name but a few. However, since 2015, her focus has been on painting portraits/landscapes and working with various mediums in Sculpture.

As well as numerous commissions, Linda’s illustrations have appeared in many National and International Publications and Magazines. She has exhibited in private and public Galleries nationwide, including a recent group exhibition in The Kildare Gallery at Carton House and a solo show at Inspire-Galerie in Dublin City in July 2017, where most of the pieces sold.

Linda is the founder of Irish Entertainment PR & Marketing Company Good Seed PR, where she works as a publicist. She has a well known health food blog Daily Vegan Life.

She freelance writes for various webzines and magazines and is currently working on her first book set to be released in 2018.

In her spare time she likes to play musical instruments such as piano, ukulele and guitar. She is a qualified Nutritionist and is studying advanced anatomy and physiology.