Linda Chats Exclusively with National Publication The Sun About her Book Being Hacked & Deleted


“Hackers sent me rape and death threats then deleted my book”, says Irish music pro.

Linda told the Irish Sun: “I know so many other campaigners and women in politics who have to endure cyber-attacks and bullying so often.

“With little accountability to be had on the attacker’s side, the internet is a wonderful tool and has empowered women like me to speak up, react and set up an organisation to dismantle the patriarchy and oppression we face but it sadly came with a cost.”

The music consultant, publicist, and music manager has been hacked, trolled and cyber attacked more times than she can count.

Linda said: “It began happening when I started campaigning on a full-time basis over covid for gender equality and diversity in the music industry in 2020.”

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